Public Engagement

R&I shall aim to be closer to society in all stages of the research and innovation process.


Public Engagement improves relations between R&I and society, by recognising and integrating other actors and forms of knowledge

Public engagement describes the interactions that lead to mutual learning between scientists and members of the public.

This goes beyond science communication and outreach and includes participatory methods and citizen science.

The aim is to increase understanding of the public for science and to make R&I results more robust and more relevant for society. Shared responsibility is ensured via transdisciplinary approaches and engagement with the public.

Via a two-way dialogue, citizens are empowered to be research partners rather than objects of study or beneficiaries of research results. Different forms of knowledge, perspectives and worldviews can be integrated into the research process.

This will also make R&I more democratic and enhance public accountability, trust is being established.

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