Working Group Three

The working group (WG) brings together science managers and scientists from the region who want to further the open science and open access approach in the Western Balkans.

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It is chaired and co-chaired by Adam Brandstetter-Kunc from the European Science Foundation and Snezana Smederevac from University of Novi Sad.

The working group operates since the start of 2022 and aims to implement activities until 2024 and beyond. It is open to new members who are invited to express their interest via the following form.

The objectives of the WG include:

Understanding the state-of-play The WG aims to create a map of the already rich landscape of institutional open science repositories and initiatives and the legislative in the region.

Exchanging experiences It aims to strengthen the engagement with European initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud and cOalition S, specifically targeting also research funding organisations (RFOs).

Raising awareness A webinar series is planned to spread awareness among young researchers and the interested public. Furthermore, a high-level round table is supported.

Proposing new ways of doing things Practical guidelines and intensive training will focus on a cohort of social scientists in an Evidence2Policy Support Programme.

Additionally, the working group supports the collection of good practices via the following form and support communication about the working group’s activities.

For further questions feel free to get in touch with the group via or directly with the Chair

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Establishing WBC-RRI.NET working groups: You are invited to join!
Establishing WBC-RRI.NET working groups: You are invited to join!