Shared resources for Open Science in WBCs

International EU-funded Project

This page is intended to establish shared resources for Open Science in WBCs. You can find links to national and institutional open science policies and institutional open science repositories. Our goal is to continuously monitor existing resources and contribute to the improvement of the OS practice in all WBCs. 

  • You can find different models of OS policies and use them to create OS policy at your institution.
  • You can find different solutions for institutional repositories and use them as a model for your institutional repository.
  • You can use existing repositories to deposit your research results if they belong to your institution.
  • You can send us information about the new OS policy or OS repository at the link at the bottom of this page.

OS policies at WBC

OS repositories at WBC

COUNTRY National repositories Institutional repositories Thematic repositories
ALBANIA Co-PLAN: a non-profit organization
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA University of Banja Luka Data Archive for Social Sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina – DASS-BiH
“E-theses“ of the University of Banja Luka
University of Zenica
MONTENEGRO University of Montenegro
“E-theses“ of the University of Montenegro
NORTH MACEDONIA University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Faculty of EE and IT
SERBIA NaRDuS (National Repository of Dissertations in Serbia)

Repositories of the PhD theses at the University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, University of Niš and University of Kragujevac are included in NaRDuS

University of Belgrade - SPIRA

Collection of 32 institutional repositories

National Repository of Agricultural Education - CaSA NaRA
University of Kragujevac The Jewish Digital Library
University of Novi Sad * Repository of psychological instruments in Serbian - REPOPSI
State University of Novi Pazar*
University of Arts in Belgrade*
University of Niš*
Full lists of repositories in Serbia can be found at National portal of Open Science
* repository not maintained


These lists are based on the preliminary data collected until July 1, 2022, but the questionnaire is still available for all interested stakeholders at the WBC-RRI.Net website: 

Link to the questionnaire

The plan is to expand the lists during 2023 with new policies and repositories, to become part of the common OA/OS infrastructure for the WBCs.

Download reports:

Report on the existing open science practice in the Western Balkan Countries - Download

Final report on OS OA Practice in WBC - Download