Working Group 2 summary – Science Education and Public Engagement

Summary and update of Working Group 2 Action Plan.

Jul 21, 2023

The WBC-RRI.NET project aims to promote Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles in the Western Balkan Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystems to enhance self-sustaining R&I systems in the region. The project is divided into two parts:

  • one that focuses on embedding RRI into local ‘anchor activities’ in different ecosystems, and
  • another that aims to establish a network of like-minded science managers and scientists to promote RRI in the region through three working groups.

The working groups are:

  • Gender and Ethics
  • Science Education and Public Engagement
  • Open Science and Open Access.

The working groups are led by a core group of people and are open for others to join at any point. Interested individuals can fill out a survey to express their interest in joining the working groups and their activities. Below you’ll find the activities of the Working Group “Science Education and Public Engagement”.

1.Science to schools initiative:

  • Raising awareness among primary and secondary school students about the importance of science.
  • Objective: Increase interest in science among students, support STEM education, and develop a network of teachers to promote science and RRI activities.

2. Citizen Science actions for increasing awareness of science education, gender balance, and environment-related issues:

  • Promoting active participation of citizens in relevant initiatives.
  • Incorporating local knowledge and personal experience into science.
  • Objective: Raise awareness on gender, STEM/STEAM education, and the environment through surveys, discussions, and webinars.

3.RRI session(s) at regional scientific conferences:

  • Exploring the inclusion of dedicated sessions on RRI in regional scientific conferences.
  • Objective: Promote RRI aspects and strengthen regional cooperation in the field of research and innovation.

4.Presenting RRI related research results at Researcher Nights:

  • Presenting RRI-related research at European Researchers’ Nights and other events.
  • Objective: Popularize science and research, improve scientific communication, and promote project results.

5.Development of policy briefs on Public Engagement (PE) and Science Education (SE):

  • Developing policy briefs with recommendations for successful PE activities and communicating project activities.
  • Objective: Disseminate project insights, raise awareness on PE and SE, and transfer knowledge on related topics.

6.Engineering Creativity Centre:

  • Popularizing science and research through the Engineering Creativity Centre.
  • Objective: Improve scientific communication, involve students, and promote project results to different stakeholders.

7.Developing tools for more effective communication skills fostering public engagement:

  • Improving science communication skills and tools for fostering public engagement.
  • Objective: Enhance public engagement and communication in science through the development of effective tools.

For more information, take a look at our detailed update of the Working Group 2 Action Plan.