Update on the activities of the Working Group 3 Open Access and Open Science

A brief overview of what has been done by our WG3 members in the previous period.

Aug 31, 2022

The members of the third WBC-RRI.NET Working Group (WG3) focused on Open Science (OS) and Open Access (OA) were actively implementing activities of the Action Plan.

Through a dedicated survey, they enhanced the “Understanding of the State-of-Play” in the region. One result of the survey on relevant issues related to the OA/OS resources in the WBs, are lists of national or institutional policies relevant for the implementation of OA/OS principles, the existing OS technical resources and information infrastructures. The invitation to participate in the survey was sent to responsible persons at all universities and research institutes in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. After the presentation of the results to the working group members, information will be available the website of the WBC-RRI.NET project. In addition, the WG3 members actively participate in collecting examples of good RRI practices related to Open Science and Open Access in WBCs as a part of cross-WG activity, out of which a first selection is published on the project’s website. At the WG meeting in April 2022 in Novi Sad, issues of finding open access to data and managing them for educational and academic purposes were raised.

In order to “Exchange Experiences”, WG members focused on engaging with EOSC and ‘cOalition S’, with the later planned to attend the upcoming public Open Science and Open Access event on September 22, 2022 in Banja Luka (B&H), where the representative of ‘cOalition S’ present the ‘Plan S’ and exchange experiences with regional Research Funding Organisations.

WG3 members are also actively working on “Raising Awareness” through the dissemination of topics related to Open Science. The presentation “Open science as a new scientific reality” was held at the conference organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the University of Novi Sad, entitled “Science Fund – Perspectives”, on April 14, 2022, as well as at the 2nd co-design workshop in Province of Vojvodina on May 12, 2022. This presentation will also be discussed in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade at the conference entitled “Science: State and Perspectives” on September 23 and 24, 2022.

For further questions feel free to get in touch with the group via wbc-rri@zsi.at. To join us, fill out our survey.