Update on the activities of the Working Group 1 Gender and Ethics

A brief overview of what our WG1 members have been up to in the previous period.

Aug 29, 2022

Since the establishment of the Working Group 1 focusing on Gender and Ethics, the WG members have been quite active in developing and implementing the Action Plan.

Under the “Understanding the state-of-play” strand, the WG has started with development of a research design to identify the institutional standards and involvement in ethics related activities within the research performing organisations (RPOs) in the region.

The WG has been active in “Exchanging experiences” with the first concrete step in the form of a mapping of already existing Gender Equality Plans across the Western Balkans as a stepping stone for further facilitation of exchange of experience related to the preparation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of GEPs. As the mapping is a continuous activity, the WG also invites all organisations from across the Western Balkans whose GEP is not already on the mapping list to contact us (using wbc-rri@zsi.at).

As one of the corner stones of the WG is to work on “Raising awareness”, we have initiated a “Gender Equality Podcast” series. Our first two podcasts – one on the topic “Gender Equality Plan: a tool for bringing institutional change” and another on the topic “Integrating gender dimension for more inclusive research and innovation” – have already been published at the WBC-RRI.NET YouTube channel. The WG also had its first face-to-face meeting back to back with the public event held in April 2022 in Novi Sad. During the public event, the WG has organized sessions focusing on ethics, including a moderated round table on the topic “Discussing Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education and Research Performing Organization”. The WG will meet again in-person back-to-back with the upcoming public event on “Open Science and Open Access” to be held on September 22, 2022 in Banja Luka (B&H).

For further questions feel free to get in touch with the group via wbc-rri@zsi.at. To join us, fill out our survey.