The City of Skopje in North Macedonia

Skopje is the capital and largest city of North Macedonia (with 0.54 million inhabitants) and its academic centre.

population: 2,077,132

Capital: Skopje

Area: 25,713 km2

skopje square

In the Skopje planning region in North Macedonia, Science Education and awareness raising for educators with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics), and in particular Information Technologies, is in focus. Particular importance is put on the encouragement of female students (Gender Equality).

Based on results from the development of the Smart Specialisation Strategy, there is a lack of experts in Information and Communication Technologies in Skopje while digitalisation is a challenge. The shortcomings from digital challenges concurrently need to be addressed, mainly by employing a multidisciplinary approach.

In the WBC-RRI.NET project, we raise awareness in relation to science education as well as gender equality and inclusiveness in particular for the ICT field. The STEAM approach emphasizes the cultural and societal aspect of science and attempts to increase youth employability leading to the region’s economic development and to general innovation development by fostering students’ scientific skills. Moreover, we aim to transfer all future changes at national level and to reach the wider public.

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