The country of Montenegro with its 0.62 million inhabitants is small and beautiful, located at the Adriatic coast.

population: 621,873

Capital: Podgorica

Area: 13,812 km2

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In Montenegro, the focus is on engaging citizens and the scientific community (Public Engagement) and the need to create a common RRI and S3 implementation network, i.e. Governance.

The country was the first non-EU Member State adopting a smart specialisation strategy in June 2019.

WBC-RRI.NET will in particular support public engagement in the areas of climate change and environment, addressing science communication and citizen science activities, including citizens participating in the definition of research agendas and questions for their region.

In terms of governance, clusters and networks bringing together academia and industry are expected to bring RRI and S3 together in the development of relevant instruments and projects.

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