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Gender Equality Plan Development:

Fulfilling the Horizon Europe requirements and beyond!

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A Gender Equality plan is a set of actions for identification of gender bias, implementing procedures to correct them and setting measurable indicators for monitoring the progress.

We emphasize the importance of gender dimensions in research and innovation and also aim to establish a working group on the development of Gender Equality Plans. The workshop is implemented in two sessions:

Part 1 "Information Session" - 45 min of a very dense public event with presentations (webinar style)

Part 2 "Working Group" - another 45 minutes - more informal and not recorded focusing on an exchange of experiences, challenges, getting to know each other, establishing a "working group" / community of practice (as a start of a series of further meetings of this community) focusing on the identification of key challenges

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View the recording of the public session:

Gender Equality Event





ZOOM Platform

Friday 02.07

10:00-10:45 AM

Public information session

Friday 02.07

10:45-11:30 AM

Working Group Session

The objectives for this event are to raise awareness about

Plans for Institutions

Gender equality plans for institutions as an eligibility criteria for Horizon Europe from 2022

Gender Dimensions

The importance of gender dimensions in research and innovation

Broader Concept

Responsible Research and Innovation as a broader concept

The Western Balkans

The WBC-RRI.NET project supporting RRI activities in the Western Balkans

Gender Equality Event
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