Establishing WBC-RRI.NET working groups: You are invited to join!

Three working groups related to different elements of Responsible Research and Innovation.

Nov 19, 2021

During the past months, our project team has worked on the establishment of working groups related to different elements of Responsible Research and Innovation:

  • WG1: Gender and Ethics
  • WG2: Science Education and Public Engagement
  • WG3: Open Access and Open Science

An initial structure for the groups has been established constituting a core group planning the activities, an extended core group providing active contributions and members. In the first weeks of November, core groups have been identified and first meetings have been held.

Thankfully, an enthusiastic community has been willing to take over responsibilities for the work and is currently soliciting input for the Action Plan that is being drafted – for implementation in 2022 and 2023.

WG1 Gender and Ethics

Chair – Andjela Pepic; Vice-chair – Ildiko Ipolyi

First meeting: November 10

Based on already available survey replies, previous experiences of the interested partners and their expectations and priorities for the future have been discussed. The following weeks will allow to define the strategic orientation and preliminary lists of events, such as awareness raising and experience sharing events on a particular topic of interest (such as the Gender Equality event organized within WBC-RRI.NET in July 2021). Furthermore, it was highlighted that a gap analysis and policy briefs, i.e. activities on researching into the specific topic (in research integrity/ethics issues, gender equality) could be needed, resulting eventually even in academic articles. Examples for actions have been discussed, such as further experience sharing on Gender Equality Plan implementation or setting of institutional standards on ethics in research.

WG2 Science Education and Public Engagement

Chair – Desiree Pecarz; Vice-chair – Dragan Stoiljkovic

First meeting: November 11

Likewise, a common understanding of the previous experience and priorities has been shared. During the tour de table, the role of disinformation in our society was emphasized. The group members agreed on the need to change the perception of science, to improve citizens’ trust towards scientific processes and trajectories, and to foster structural and cultural changes for more entrepreneurial and gender balanced STEM activities. To popularise science – and thus target the general public – was considered as an important aspect to pursue. In such a context, the core group members suggested implementation of activities that foster science education and higher awareness of the role, importance and processes of science, as well as the link between science education and gender issues. To properly engage all pillars of the society, events and proper information services were highlighted as possible activities to implement. Reaching out to children and encouraging entrepreneurial approaches for students might additionally support a cultural and structural change. The use of social media might be further exploited due to their increasing importance. Ad-hoc information and communication packages formats focusing on specific topics with specific objectives might be created.

WG3 Open access & Open science

Chair – Adam Brandstetter-Kunc; Vice-chair – Snezana Smederevac

First meeting: November 8

The discussion in this WG, correspondingly based on preliminary survey results, highlighted plans in relation to networking with existing initiatives, training of young researchers, gap analysis and exchange on experiences related to data repositories. Moreover, the question about legal matters and legal framework for incorporating OA has been raised and considered rather important. According to the group, it is essential to raise awareness among researchers, government stakeholders and also the general citizen, about the prominence of Open Access and Open Science and the benefits that come along.

Do not hesitate to contact us and join in this endeavor!

At the moment, priority of all working groups is to enlarge the network and to create stronger links between the WG members and beyond. Interested readers are invited to get in touch with the Chair or Vice-Chair of the group and to fill a survey by following this link.

Through targeted mailing list, there is an opportunity to receive respective information, events and outcomes. Everyone who feels that there is something to learn from these activities and who wants to provide an input to the discussions is warmly welcome to become part of our team.