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Sustaining Responsible Research and Innovation in the Western Balkan

Final Project Meeting


WBC-RRI.NET team is organising the final event of our project! The two-day final conference aims to disseminate project results, highlight key achievements, and enable discussions for continuation of this successful journey. A skills competition on the "Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in practice – a case study competition" will be one of the key activities within the event, where students selected from the project partners will be working in mixed teams.

The event is organised in two days:

Day 1: 08.02.2024, Thursday. 

A half-day public event introducing project achievements, mainly focusing on the anchor initiatives and the established Regional Association for Responsible Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students from the Western Balkan will be divided into mixed teams and the details of the competition case will be presented. The other half of the day features closed sessions for consortium members, working groups, and the advisory board, while student teams work on the case.

Day 2: 09.02.2024, Friday.

Public event gathering key stakeholders, representatives from public institutions, members of the working groups and participants from other projects. The second day will initiate discussion  on “INTEGRATING WB via RRI PRINCIPLES” and transferring lessons learnt from the established working groups and sister projects. The event will be finalized with a pitching session by the students’ teams taking part in the skills competition, and the announcement of the winners.

Register and participate in our final project event! The registrations are open until February 2nd.

Sustaining Responsible Research and Innovation in the Western Balkan





Macedonian Academy of Sciences & Arts

Blvd. Krste Petkov Misirkov

Thursday 08.02

09:30 AM

Half-day public event

Friday 09.02

09:30 AM

Public event gathering key stakeholders

Sustaining Responsible Research and Innovation in the Western Balkan
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