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Open dialogue and mutual learning meeting

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WBC-RRI.NET team is organising an open dialogue and mutual learning meeting in which participants will have a chance to meet each other in Novi Sad! You are welcome to join us.

The event is organised in two sessions:

Part 1: Engaging Academia with and for Public/Citizens 

Part 2: Engaging Academia with and for Business 

The main idea of the first day of this event is the exchange of previous experiences and education of researchers for the implementation of citizen science projects. Around the world, ordinary people participate in citizen science projects in which volunteers and scientists work together to answer important scientific and life questions. Citizen science brings all people into the important process of learning about the role of science in improving the quality of life and protecting our planet. The good practice of the European Citizen Science Association in engaging citizens in scientific research will be presented by Enrico M. Balli. Moreover, the roundtable dedicated to the perspectives of citizen science in Serbia will be attended by Dobrivoje Lale Erić from the Center for Promotion of Science, which will open grants for citizen science projects during this year, Violeta Đerković, director of the Cultural Stations in Novi Sad, which will soon open a science club, as well as Dr. Mirko Đorđević, from the Institute for Biological Research ”Siniša Stanković”, the coordinator of the "Opasulji se" citizen science project and the winner of the international competition for the best communicator of science "Fame Lab" or "Laboratory of Fame" in Great Britain, in 2009. The workshop dedicated to the steps that need to be taken in the implementation of citizen science projects will be led by researchers from the STAR Center of Excellence for Behavioral Research in Psychology, Dr. Selka Sadiković and Dr. Ilija Milovanović. 

The first day will end with two examples of innovations following RRI principles: HerbElixa d.o.o. innovation towards citizens (example from Health sector), and Eco hive d.o.o. innovation towards citizens (example from ICT sector). 

The main idea of the second day of this event is enhancing a language of understaning between an academia and an industry.  Industry-academia collaboration is a base of knowledge valorisation, which is in the focus of European Commition. The industry-academia collaboration can foster a mutual exchange between knowledge generators and business actors, boost private investments in research, lead to more inventions and patents, facilitate the flow of knowledge and talents into companies, enhance researchers’ skills and understanding of the market needs and increase entrepreneurial culture among researchers. This improves the competitiveness of European industry and the research and innovation system. The good practice of knowledge valorisation and the importance of having common language of understaning between industry and academia will be presetend by prof. Stevan Stankovski, the researcher and the owner of CAM Engineering company. 

The pitching event will take place for researchers from Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia, in front of jury, consisting of business people: dr Marija Lesjak or dr Nataša Simin (HerbElixa d.o.o.), dr Vladimir Todorović (Science and Technology Park Novi Sad), and dr Vladimir Mandić (Tiac d.o.o.). This will be a chance for researchers and business people to improve their language of understanding. The pitching event will follow with mutual learning recommendations.

Responsible Research and Innovation – a requirement for excellence in research




Novi Sad

Thursday 18.05

10:00-12:00 AM

Keynote presentation

12:20-14:00 AM


Open dialogue and mutual learning meeting
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