The Kune-Vain-Tale Lagoon wetland ecosystem in Albania

The Kune-Vain-Tale Lagoon wetland ecosystem is a protected ecosystem northern Albania including a complex of lagoons, the Drin river delta facing the Adriatic Sea.

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kune vain tale

In the Kune-Vain-Tale region in Albania, the project works on RRI issues Public Engagement and Governance, using in particular citizen science.

The region is characterised by its high vegetation and biodiversity and a high potential for sustainable tourism. The lagoon is administered at central and regional level, by the National Agency of Protected Areas, and the respective Regional Administration of Protected Areas. It is one of the several located along the Albanian coast and the respective model of governance, if successful, robust and resilient could be replicated to the whole coastal area. The knowledge produced thorough the intervention should inform common pool governance of the resources.

The R&I ecosystem of the region and knowledge among the actors on ecosystem services is small. Initiatives are going on in relation to industrial and digital innovation and less on environmental and ecological sustainability. The S3 process has started since 2017, but no mapping results or policy documents have been published to date.

Citizen science activities piloted in WBC-RRI.NET refer to the participative assessment methods on the ecosystem services and shall increase cooperation between the public, decision-makers and a variety of stakeholders, enhancing the quadruple helix network in the Qark of Lezha. The anchor initiative directly contributes to science education, public engagement, and open, good governance.

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