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Open Science, Innovation and Smart Specialisation

Public + Mutual Learning & Open Dialogue Event


WBC-RRI.NET team is organising an open dialogue and mutual learning meeting in which participants will have a chance to meet each other in Ohrid! You are welcome to join us.

The event is organised in two sessions:

Part 1: Future of Open Science

03.07.2023, Monday. 12:30 – 17:00.

In the first part we will explore the current trends that shape Open Science both in the EU as well as associated countries, including efforts of European Open Science Cloud in the Western Balkan territories, reform of research assessment and future of transferable skills for researchers.

Part 2: Collaboration for Innovation & Smart Specialisation

04.07.2023, Tuesday. 09:00 – 13:30.

The second day focused on Smart Specialisation, which is also part of the Open Dialogue, will kick-start future work on recommendations in relation to Regional Innovation Systems and Smart Specialisation Strategies. Conclusions from the event will be utilises as a first step towards the drafting of a Policy Brief. This part of the event will facilitate the creation of three working groups that will work on embedding RRI in the Design, Implementation Phase and Monitoring/ Evaluation Phase of S3.

Register and participate in our efforts for strengthening open science, innovation and smart specialisation! The registrations are open until 28th June.

Open Science, Innovation and Smart Specialisation





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Monday 03.07

12:30-17:00 AM

Part 1

Tuesday 04.07

09:00-13:30 AM

Part 2

Open Science, Innovation and Smart Specialisation
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